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Emma as a coach & developer

Employers: Musica impulse centre for music, Dutch National Opera, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam, Splendor Amsterdam, OPERA FORWARD FESTIVAL and several orchestras.

Working as a coach, Emma's approach embraces total physical involvement. Her unique selling point as a coach is the speed at which she manages to enable the perfomers to learn a complete score by heart. At the end of the day, the performers become owner of the music.

Emma also works as a developer of teaching materials. With the performer as focal point, she invents games and exercices which enable the performer to be playfully and active. Her method's aim is to motivate the performer intrinsically.


Since 2014 Emma is co-developer of teaching materials for Musica Impulse centre for music. In 2016-2017 Emma developed for Nationale Opera & Ballet teaching material for the newly written opera Hondenhart ('A dog's heart'), composed by Oene van Geel and Florian Magnus Maier, under direction of Marcel Sijm.

Publication: Orlando! Musicaklassen 2015-2016 (with Hans van Regenmortel, ed.), published by Musica (Neerpelt, Belgium, 2015).

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