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In association with Tony Roe (Tinmenandthetelephone) we create customized workshops especially for managers, CEO's, lawyers, doctors, teachers, students. 

Please contact us for booking details.

The workshop was fun, engaging and creative. Intelligently set up in a simple way so that everybody easily could participate. With smart and energetic leadership we were led into co-creating music together. Hogne (Norway)

The workshop was a revelation in group co-creation. The ability to create something so beautiful where the majority had almost no experience shows how competent leaders can bring out the unexpected in others whilst creating a safe environment to explore unexpected possibilities. A wonderful workshop by two wonderful people! (Noura - Saudi Arabia)

Emma and Tony geniously guided us into full fledged participatory co-creation. The sounds & beats naturally emerged like groundswell and culminated in harmaonized orgasmic chaos. Awesomeness, gratitude and multiple rounds of applause for his simple yet eye opening orchestration ❤️(Neo - Sweden)

The workshop was a powerful eye opener on how great leaders use their deep expertise to create a safe space for their team to play. The trainers were the experts and we the kids ... and we had a blast !! Thank you 🙏 (Anurag - Amsterdam) 

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